Ultreya 2021 - képlejátszó

Prayer Chain

During our Encounter in Assisi, the European Group offered a 9-month Palanca, a prayer chain for the European Ultreya.
The prayer chain was started by father Imre Szűcs, the operative spiritual leader of the Hungarian Cursillo suggested for two cycles of 9 months each. The first cycle was done from April 2019 to December 2019 with offerings from different Hungarian dioceses.
This second cycle of prayer chain has started in January, 2020 and will last up until the month of September, when the European Ultreya will take place in Budapest. (edited: as it was supposed to...)

Schedule for 2021:


Month Country Diocese
January  The Netherlands Prison Cursillo
February  England, Africa Greek Catholic Cursillo
March  Italy, Spain  Esztergom - Budapest
Szent Gellért Secretariat 
April  Austria, Croatia Eger
May  Ireland Debrecen & Nyíregyháza
June  Ukraine Kaposvár
July  Portugal Vác
August  Germany Szeged - Csanád & Veszprém
September  Czechia Everyone! European Ultreya



Schedule for 2020:


Month Country Diocese
January The Netherlands

Daily prayer of the Rosary
Daily prayers of Rosary individually and in small Cursillo groups.
January 10-12: Retreat in Eger with Holy Mass and Adoration offered
January 24. 18:00: St Stephen Radio - Cursillistas pray the Rosary dedicated to the UE
January 25: Ultreya in Miskolc. Holy Mass and Adoration offered for UE
February England

Prayer chain: Everyday one or two Cursillistas will offer up either a Rosary, Holy Mass, Adoration, Praise & Worship or personal sacrifice

Marc Spain & Italy Szent Gellért Secretariat &  
April Croatia & Austria Boldog Özséb Secretariat & 
May Ireland Vác & Kalocsa-Kecskemét
June Ukraine Debrecen & Nyíregyháza
July Portugal Greek Catholic Cursillo & 
August Germany Prison Cursillo
September Czechia Szombathely


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